Enhancing the Employee Experience

Cognexo amplifies your existing people strategy to deliver a unique combination of employee development and engagement at every stage in the lifecycle.

Develop and connect with your people more effectively

Elevate your employee experience with Cognexo. Enhance engagement and development, crucial for retention and growth, by amplifying the impact of your existing tools. Make your team feel valued and heard, fostering a fulfilling work environment that attracts and nurtures top talent.

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Whatever your industry, we help unlock the potential of your people

Cognexo is helping SME’s and large corporations level-up their employee development and engagement programmes. Our innovative solutions help unlock the potential of staff across a diverse range of sectors to include healthcare, finance, insurance, retail and many more.

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Discover our solution-driven products

If you have a specific employee development or engagement challenge you need to address, then we have a range of products and packages to effectively close those gaps. Whether you want to improve your onboarding process or ensure your staff are compliance aware and ready, Cognexo can help.

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How Cognexo can help with some of your biggest challenges?

Increased Employee Engagement with Cognexo

Increased Employee Engagement


  • 2 out of 3 employees now feel disengaged at work which is causing a lack of productivity and absenteeism.
  • We help build engagement levels via continuous personalised development, powered by gamification, to achieve healthy competition for accelerated commercial growth.
  • We also help companies create a feedback culture. Our light touch surveys are getting industry-leading response rates of 91% and our Intelligence Dashboard provides actionable insights to help deliver real business transformation.

Personalised employee development


  • 83% of employees see L&D as a “vital factor” behind their choice of employer.
  • But the content from L&D programmes needs to be reinforced – otherwise 80% of it is forgotten after 30 days.
  • Our adaptive AI identifies and closes knowledge gaps at speed and embeds learning – meaning Cognexo helps leverage investment in existing solutions.
Personalised Employee Development with Cognexo
Create a Positive Company Culture with Cognexo

Create a positive company culture


  • 1 in 3 people leave their job as a result of poor company culture. A toxic culture can sink the mightiest of corporations.
  • Developing a programme of continuous learning and giving employees a voice – will help motivate and engage them. Ultimately, this will help you achieve your culture goals faster.
  • There are many indicators to understand if your company has a positive or negative culture. Using our health check, we help you baseline your current environment to understand and address issues over time.

Capitalise on the
milestones that matter


  • Over 30% of new hires leave within the first 90 days and 51% of candidates will continue looking for a role even after accepting the job!
  • Make the most of key milestones in the employee lifecycle. This includes pre-boarding, onboarding and offboarding. Through a personalised learning journey that will help drive speed to competency as well as regular check ins, to identify pinch points; you can retain and develop your staff and ensure they thrive.
Capitalise on the Milestones that Matter using Cognexo
Elevate Your Compliance Culture with Cognexo

Elevate your compliance culture


  • Compliance related fines reached an all-time high in 2023 – totalling Euro 2.1 billion for GDPR related violations alone.
  • Our solution has in-built knowledge retention capabilities, so employees are 80% more likely to retain information, helping to mitigate potential violations and reduce insurance premiums.

How Cognexo out-performs the industry standard

Cognexo Performance Graphs-01
Cognexo Performance Graphs-02

Why Cognexo?

  • 20 million employee interactions
  • Up to a 95% increase in knowledge retention rates
  • Engagement rates for learning – 90%
  • 1000s of productivity hours saved via daily bite-sized learning
  • Industry-leading survey response rates of 91%

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Our open API ensures we can seamlessly integrate with many platforms for operational efficiency and effective closure of gaps.

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